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The N2H project to invent the tiniest gas sensor is now well into its final year.  To see how the research is progressing and hear what the scientists are up to please view the videos here.

Benzene Detector using Carbon Nanotubes: How far we have got towards making a benzene detector.

It is still six months before the end of the Nano2Hybrids EU research project to invent the tiniest gas sensor for detecting Benzene using carbon nanotubes but how far have we got?

Context: Other research projects at the Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel

In this short video we take a look at some other projects going on at the Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel.

New High Vacuum Chamber: Carbon Nanotube Sensors?

In this short video Alex shows us how the Namur Group were able to improve the evaporation of metals with an new very high vacuum chamber which is helping the metals adhere to the carbon nanotubes.  The idea is that once the metals adhere to the nanotubes the metals will react with different gases. 

The Oxygen Story: Science in Action

By using oxygen plasma treatments on carbon nanotubes it should become easier to attach metals to the surface of the nanotubes which in turn can act as sensors to gases but does it work?  This video shows how scientists work together to try and solve a problem.



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