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Careers in Science.  Take a look at some of the wide range of jobs that an education or training in science can lead to:

Recently broadcast on BBC2`s Learning Zone, this series of science career videos gives a unique insight into the everyday lives of young scientists and engineers from more unusual backgrounds. 

BiochemistBuilding Services EngineerComputer EngineerCosmologist
EcologistEntomologistEnvironmental ScientistFood Scientist
Mass Production EngineerOrthopaedic SurgeonPhysicistPsychologist
Quantum ChemistRobotics Engineer

What do scientists actually do?  What is it like being a scientist?  Most television science reports on completed work, and usually features the senior scientific figures that spearhead it. But real science is a rather different beast.

Snapshots gives insights into the lives of young people at the cutting edge of British science and engineering. Whether or not they will go on to be the Nobel Laureates or FRS`s, Dysons or Gates of tomorrow (and it will be fun trying to spot them) these are the people who are making things happen.


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