This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

The Vega Science Trust started recording video interviews with scientists and Nobel Laureates in the late 90`s.  It is our aim not only to provide an outlet for video interviews with scientists discussing their research and the views but to provide a video archive for the future of some of our greatest scientists.

These interviews have either been recorded as in-depth Face to Face interviews over an extended period of time or as shorter interviews recorded at the Lindau meeting of Nobel Laureates (described below).

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The Lindau Meeting - each year some thirty or more Nobel laureates come to Lindau to give lectures and interact with about 1000 young scientists from around the world.  In any one year the focus is generally on one area eg. chemistry, physics, medicine or economics. 



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