This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

Short science videos on solids, liquids and and gases by scientist John Murrell.  Originally designed as an experimental video for primary school teachers to show in the classroom, this video may also be of benefit to primary school teachers in terms of thinking about new ways to teach states of matter topics in an interactive manner.

Dry Ice and Wet IceElectrical ConductionFlexibility, Elasticity, Heat ConductionFull Video of States of Matter Workshop
Hardness and SummaryHeat Conduction ContinuedMeasuring TemperatureScales, Colour Changes With Temperature, Boiling and Melting
Some Materials Do Not Have Liquid FormTemperature and States of MatterVolume Changes with TemperatureWhat is Matter? Solids, Liquids and Gases
Why Does Ice Float?


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