This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

Scientist Sir Harry Kroto has given workshops around the world in his quest to engage a range of age groups in learning about science.  In these video recordings you can hear about everything from galaxy formation and fullerenes, to juggling, politics and tortoises.

Manchester United (UK - English)Nesta Inspire Workshop (UK - English)Toyo, Japan 2002 (Japan - English/Japanese)UCSB (USA - English)
UNAM (Mexico - Spanish)


Links To Other Information:

How to make a Buckyball model
Link to the Creative Science Centre

Where to purchase models

Maps Test Clip
A test clip of Harry peeling a grapefruit and using it to explain how spherical maps of the world deform when represented on a flat surface such as a page in a book.

Buckyball Workshop Downloads
A selection of downloads for use int he buckyball workshop

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