This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

This page contains links to reference sites for those getting involved in video streaming, as well as some sites for generic web design such as metadata and designing for disabilities. If there are links you think should be here, please let us know.

  1. Common Web video formats
  2. Organisations working with academia
  3. Metadata
  4. Web design for accessibility

Common Web Video Formats

One of the strongest contenders with a range of excellent audio and video codecs used by the BBC among others.
Free player available
Developed by Apple and often the choice of academic institutions. Famous for its movie trailers!
Free player available
The official standard for video storage, with MPEG4 the much-promised video streaming standard, MPEG2 used for DVD.
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Windows Media
Proprietary Windows software featuring powerful compression and wide range of asset management features.
Free player available
The MP3 of the video world, a set of excellent labour-of-love video codecs and player, going legitimate.
Free player available
Website to download and read about various codecs.

Organisations working in academic video

The British Universities Film and Video Council. They run training courses, can help with copyright clearance and have an archive of UK terrestrial broadcast material.
The British Film Institute.
The Joint Information Systems Information Committee oversee UK educational video streaming.
Helping UK academics establish image archives.
The Moving Image Society
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Metadata links

Dublin Core
One of the key emerging standards for metadata.
Rich Data Format.
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Web design for accessibility

RNIB Campaign For Good Web Design
Excellent site with practical tips on good web design for visually impaired users.
Colour Blindness
Check your site to see how it looks to a colour blind user.
Check your web pages for significant barriers to access by individuals with disabilities.

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