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77 Below - An Art & Science Video: Sculptural Installation in the Antarctic by Artist Lita Albuquerque

A film (video) on the setting up of a sculptural installation on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica by earth art installation artist Lita Albuquerque. 

77 Below follows the planning, setting up and completion of a ephemeral art installation named Stellar Axis: Antarctica, where the star alignment over the Ross Ice Shelf is mapped out on the ice.  The project`s science input was overseen by scientist and astronomer Dr. Simon Balm of Santa Monica College, USA who had previously spent some time working on research looking for Carbon 60 in Space in the Antarctic for the US science team.   The team included Filmaker Sophie Dia Pegrum (who shot and produced 77 Below), Lionel Cousin, an art film cinematographer and still photographer Jean de Pomereu.  Two of the members of the team were ex-University of Sussex graduates.  

An art and science project sponsored by the National Science Foundation, USA.



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