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Video recorded in 2002, three years before his death scientist and Nobel Peace Laureate Sir Joseph Rotblat discusses his life and his work in an interview with Sir Harry Kroto and Edward Goldwyn.  This rare footage is part of a series of unedited tapes making one complete interview which was completed in 2005 in interview 2.





Tape: 4

Rejected Communism.
Meeting the Pope.
Discovering Cobalt 60.
Recognition of the potential of the chain reaction.
Liverpool University 1939-1940 researching the feasibility of the atom bomb and teaching physics.
The restrictions of being a friendly alien.
In 1941 established at Liverpool the feasibility of the bomb.
USA, Pearl Habour and the USA entering into WWII.
Manhattan Project.
Meeting between Churchill and the US to unite on the Manhattan Project.
Becoming a British Subject overnight.
Went to work at Los Alomos
General Groves.


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