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Video recorded in 2005.  Interviewed by Edward Goldwyn.

In 2000 Alan MacDiarmid was award the Nobel Prize jointly with Alan Heeger and Hideki Shirakawa for the discover and development of conductive polymers.



 Alan MacDiarmid was the first New Zealand born and educated Nobel Prize winner since Maurice Wilkins in 1962.

In this interview MacDiarmid talks about the science that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for, the discovery of the first conducting polymer - polyacetylene.  He says that we showed that we could dope it to a high conductivity.

MacDiarmid held a strong belief that people need to be scientifically aware and scientifically equal in order that they can understand and have an influence on governments during in this technical age.

He believed very strongly in education from nursery school onwards.  He said that although he was brought up in poverty he feels that he was very lucky because his family believed in education.

MacDiarmid liked to spread his research activities over many countries - it is not rational he said but a challenge - the world is becoming smaller! 

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