This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

 Vega Online TV Vega Science Trust
Based in the Innovation Centre, University of Sussex and Co-founded by Sussex University`s Emeritus Prof. Sir Harry Kroto, NL, the Vega Science Trust promotes science outreach internationally by producing and streaming science video resources ranging from science lectures, to discussions on science topics, to interviews with scientists, to career programmes showing what it is really like to work in science.  Many of the programmes have been broadcast on the BBC and many programmes are linked to world-wide as part of teaching courses.
 Vega Online TV Outreach with Jonathan Hare (BBC Rough Science)
  Also based at Sussex Jonathan has been outreaching to local, national and international schools in conjunction with the Vega Science Trust.  Here you can see a set of mini instructional films for use in teaching.  Jonathan is available to go on-line or visit schools to give lectures as part of his work for Vega and the Creative Science Centre.
University of Sussex Schools Labs
  The aim of this project is to bring AS and A2 level school and college physics students into a university environment.  Activities include visits to laboratories, experiments and talks by physics and astronomy researchers.
  Aimhigher Sussex
  Aimhigher Sussex works to support learners including science, technology, engineering and mathematics learners who would not otherwise consider higher education, especially students who have no family experience of university.
The Newton Project
  A history of science project.  The Newton Project is a website drawing together images and texts of Sir Isaac Newton.  Project aims to make all of  Newton`s writings freely available on-line.
  University of Sussex, School of Physics and Astronomy Outreach
  Darren Baskell is the Outreach Officer for the University of Sussex Physics and Astronomy Department.  He offers in particular school talks on astronomy including careers talks and workshops.  Please email Darren Baskill - d.baskill`at` replacing `at` with @ for further information.
   Studying Science at Sussex University
University of Sussex, School of Chemistry
  Ewan Main is the Outreach contact for the School of Chemistry at Sussex.  Please email Ewan for further information/or to arrange for a schools` talk or a visit - E.Main`at` replacing `at` with @.
  School of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy
  Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy at Sussex University.
School of Life Sciences
  Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences..
Studying to be a Science Teacher at Sussex University
  PGCE specialising in Chemistry, Physics or Biology.

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