This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

Science video on the web.  An up-to-date and comprehensive list of links to good science videos on the web.


Science Video: General Online

Vega Online TV The Vega Science Trust
Our own selection of on-line science videos including interviews, lectures, careers, research, Nobel Prize Winners, educational resources, Richard Feynman and more.
The Periodic Table of Videos
A great site produced at Nottingham University explaining the chemical elements in a series short videos by scientists at Nottingham.
A science video network of educational resources from  universities.  Power-point lectures on science, engineering and technology.
Videos from the New Scientist
A large collection of on-line video news stories from the New Scientist.
A portal linking to science programmes including links to Youtube science programmes. 
Large collection of life science footage available on-line. Designed for free use by students and staff in Higher and Further Education.
Nasa TV
Live TV from Nasa.  Turn on at the right time and you might get to watch a live space walk.
Teachers.TV Videos on the TES Resource website
Teachers TV videos are now available on 3 main websites including TES Resources above.
NOVA Science Programming Online
The elegant universe series of programmes.  Click on search for more science videos.
Discovery Channel Online
Lots of online science.
AIP Science Inside
Inside Science News Service provides science stories and expert contacts to the popular news media.
Free Science Videos and Lectures
A useful website compiling links to video already on the web including Vega programmes.
DFG Science TV
A German Science Video initiative high-lighting science research in Germany.
Science Daily
A US based daily science news site where press officers and Universities can contribute their news.
New Scientist best on-line videos 2007
The New Scientist recommends watching including the Vega Science Trust`s Feynman lectures.
OVGuide - Science
Video guide with links to a large selection of science video sites.
Youtube Education
Many Universities are now creating their own channels and up-loading videos to Youtube.  Choose science in the index. 
Test Tube
"Brady Haran is filmmaker-in-residence for Nottingham Science City.  Test Tube is an award-winning website following the highs and lows of life as a scientist.
The Web of Stories
A collection of interviews with well known scientists and other great thinkers of our time.
A video portal for European audio visual science communication professionals.
Science on UCTV
Video portal containing videos from academic institutions amongst others - see science channel.
There are  many  video interviews and lectures by Nobel Laureates on the official Nobel website. Go to the list of Nobel Laureates and then to resources to view.

Science Video Lectures, Podcasts and Power-Point Archives

There are now a great many websites providing science lectures.  Many orginate from universities, colleges and conferences but not all.  Please use the above link or click here to access this list.

Science Audio

Science Friday
A weekly science radio show.
BBC World Service
The BBC World service provides a great selection of science audio programmes.
The Naked Scientists
Weekly science radio programme from Cambridge available online.
The Promise of Tomorrow
A Texan, US Radio programme on emerging Science and Technology.  Featuring Interviews with Scientists and Industralists. 

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