This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.
The Vega Science Trust is a not-for-profit organisation and is grateful to receive any donations in order to further the aims of the Trust.

Charitable donations to Vega from both companies and individuals are liable for tax relief; details are available here.

The Trust`s aims are based on furthering the public and professional understanding and appreciation of science. Present projects include the production of programmes to be broadcast on television and freely through the Trust’s website and educational material for schools and colleges. All programmes are made with financial support from donations and grants.

All material whenever possible retains copyright of the Vega Science Trust and goes towards creating a national archive to be held by a Charity based in England (at present the Vega Science Trust).

The Trust accepts donations in many forms and for monetary donations we would ask for a cheque in GPB to be sent to us at:

The Vega Science Trust,
Sussex Innovation Centre,
Science Park Square,
Brighton, BN1 9SB.

However we realise this is not always convenient so you can now donate to us in your own currency using your credit-card or e-cheque, securely, via paypal by clicking here

Your donations will enable more programmes to be made and in turn aid the continuation of the Trust including the website and freely streamed programmes.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sir Harry Kroto
Chairman of the Vega Science Trust

Please Note: That if you do donate by credit card a small percentage (approx. 3% if you`re in the UK or 6% internationally) of your donation will go to paypal rather than Vega in processing fees, which is why, whenever possible, we would ask for a cheque.


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