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Jonathan works part time for the Trust researching into ways of using the internet for teaching (view project here) and as a science advisor. He has recently appeared on the BBC2/OU series "Rough Science" and "Hollywood Science". Otherwise he is always busy running the Creative Science Centre.


Creative Science Center
The focus of the centre is to stimulate enthusiasm and experience of science by providing ideas, resources and supervision to enable students to create experiments for themselves

Rough Science
Swapping their hi-tech labs for a disused prison, five scientists are ferried to a mystery Mediterranean island where they have to pool their collective wits to complete a series of science-based challenges.

Rough Science 2
Jonathan Hare has again starred in and acted as a science advisor for the Open University series, Rough Science 2, which this time sees the scientists washed up on a desert island in the Caribbean (tough eh!).

Rough Science 3
Five scientists undertake an epic journey on the other side of the world to hunt for gold. Kate Humble joins the team of modern day prospectors as they follow in the footsteps of the original gold pioneers on the rugged west coast of New Zealand`s South Island.

Rough Science 4
Kate Humble and the Rough Science team - Ellen, Kathy, Jonathan, Mike and Iain - are back. They`re in Death Valley, a place a lot like Mars, where our scientists will be solving a series of space-themed challenges.

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Rough Science
Website To The Award Winning TV Show

Hollywood Science
Can The Science In The Movies Really Be Done?

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