This site is no longer being updated. The Vega Science Trust closed in March 2012, and this site has been left here for reference purposes.

The Vega Science Trust has created a broadcast platform for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) communities, so enabling them to communicate on all aspects of their fields of expertise using exciting Internet opportunities.

".. I watched the video on GMOs - with complete fascination. It was by far the best discussion of the issue that I have seen or heard"

Lord Jenkins
Chairman of House of Lords Select Committee on Public Understanding of Science

Programme Production:

To date Vega has made more than 200 programmes, a third of which have been broadcast on the BBC2`s Learning Zone. These include the Royal Institution Discourse Lectures, Science Masterclasses, Reflections on Science series, Royal Society Public Lectures, archival interviews and discussions.

We have also co-produced projects with the Open University and Vega was represented on the BBC2`s Science Night Editorial Advisory Board. Together with the OU we developed the critically acclaimed series `The Next Big Thing`, and  with Screenhouse Productions we created Snapshots, a series focusing on a day in the life of young scientists and engineers.

Vega`s videos aim to give us a fundamental understanding of principles of nature and the physical world. Outstanding scientists/communicators are directly involved with each video so that they can guide content of the programmes. Science is presented in a natural way as an intellectually challenging discipline and the videos fill the gap in TV coverage by presenting well-informed analyses on serious science-related ethical, economic, social, health and other issues.They reflect the overwhelmingly positive contribution that scientists have made to the well-being of society.

"The most enthralling programme I saw on television last week - in fact I have seen nothing so fascinating for months"

Christopher Dunkley on "The Next Big Thing"
Financial Times

Workshops and Distance Learning:

Jonathan Hare and Harry Kroto are developing ways to communicate to school children over the internet.  In Florida Harry Kroto has concentrated on presentations and linking live to schools and other organisations using a mediasite presentation initiative which can be seen here.  Jonathan Hare has concentrated on making instructional mini films that can be streamed from the Vega website for use in the classroom.  These films are the basis for learning as Jonathan joins the class via the Internet. 

European Science Research Outreach:

In 2007 the Trust started work on communicating the research of a Nanotechnology project by making short documentaries and by producing and hosting a website where  scientists on the project could upload on-going video diaries.  In 2008 the Trust was asked to make a short documentary to high-light the work of the Women in Nanotechnology Project.  Vega is interested in communicating new science research so if you have a project which you like our participation please contact us.

Science Video Archive:

The Trust has built up a valuable archive of scientific videos which can all be viewed from this website.  We aim to continue to expand the number of programmes available to view.  If you have science video which you would like to make available for streaming on Vega please feel free to contact us

Campaigning and Consultancy:

The Trust has continually campaigned for a "Science Night" on UK network TV to enable the science and technology community to communicate its ideas, discoveries and concerns from a culturally informed perspective directly.  These efforts led to the OU and the BBC running a 3-hour weekly "Science Night" running from 12.30am to 3.30am on network BBC2. We would like see this as a forerunner to a fully-fledged Science Channel.

In addition Vega provides information and advice to scientists and organisations wishing to get involved in science broadcasting.  We actively engage with those in positions of influence in order to promote quality science broadcasting.  The Trust acts as a focal point for groups elsewhere in the world engaged in similar activities including the US, Mexico, Japan, India, Korea and Taiwan.

The Trust aims to provide well-informed views on technical issues, and so make science more accessible and understandable to the widest possible range of target audiences.  In areas of public concern we want to help ensure the best possible advice is available and so ensure that decisions may be made judiciously.

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